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Posting on Touch Arcade.

We finally got around to start posting on touch arcade forum for upcoming Iphone game. This is a great place to check new and upcoming games. You can also get in on some beta testing. In future this is probably where we will be looking for our beta tester.

Here is our Post:


Super Space Thugs – You get to play the Space Invader

Hello All,

We are a core team of three (1 programmer, 1 artist and 1 sound guy) along with some additional help from our friends. Our game is called Super Space Thugs.
Lead your ragtag group of alien misfits as they invade and conquer EARTH! Inspired by games like Samurai vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush, Metal Slug Defense.

At the helm of the players army is the MOTHERSHIP which stalks the battlefield from above, providing support, sending forth soldiers and abducting humans for the advancement of the alien war juggernaut.

Players can also look forward to unleashing their ultimate weapon, a gigantic KAIJU!

The game comes to iOS devices this July.

This is going to be a free to play game, where you collect coins to purchase new ships. So if there are any suggestions for ships you’d like to see in the game please leave a comment or send us a message.

Our initial release will contain 50 playable levels.


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