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Game Name: Super Space Thugs: Turbo Edition
Developers: Nael  Jazar and Stephen Tan
Release Date: July 18th 2016 (Canada)
Platforms: Apple App Store exclusive (iPhone® & iPad®).
Website: http://www.SuperSpaceThugs.com
Languages: English. Other languages soon to follow.

Who are Rocketboots game?

2-4 guys who make video games sometimes

Super Space Thugs Turbo features

Real time, fast fingered, 2d  strategic action
Abduct humans and lay waste to whole cities to power your war machine
Create an army from 6 unique alien units to face down hordes of human foes
Unlock up to 15 ships to do battle with
Free to play. Opt in ads only


Programming  and Design: Nael Jazar
Art : Stephen Tan

Design: Stephen Tan, Anthony Walsh, Nael Jazar
Animation : Stephen Tan
Music : Steven Xia
Game Engine : Unity3D

Special Thanks to:

Joe Yip, Jocelyn Gervais, Greg Chaltz, Emily-Rose Viger, Justin Mah, Neeraj Patel

About Rocketboots Games

Stephen Tan and Nael Jazar met during a Virtual Reality Game launch party.

They decided to revive an old project started by Stephen, Anthony Walsh and Joe Yip. Nael met Steven Xia at GDC while playing video games on a couch, he asked Steven to join the team to work on music and SFX.


Inquiries: contact(at)SuperSpaceThugs.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SuperSpaceThugs
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SuperSpaceThugs
Youtube:  http://

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